Friday, April 13, 2007

It's freezing in here!

Went to a few Second Life events this week, starting with the After a Fashion outing on Monday night. Didn't buy anything but got to meet the rest of the group and hang with some way cool chicks, and admire the clever, beautiful, amazing, weird shit that people are creating and selling in SL.

Now, I'm not one for fancy lingerie, or gowns, or bling, but MAN ALIVE I gots to get me some shoes. The other ladies in the group were all rocking the stilettos, while I was clumping around in my default shoes, which look like Timberlands. I may be forced to wear sensible footwear in reality, but in SL I should be living out my high-heeled fantasies, right?

Suffered a couple of technical issues during the outing: at Katicus' pad my avatar froze and I had to logout and back in, then when we hit the Hair Fair SL crashed on everybody and I had to bail. I surely hope Linden Labs is working overtime to improve their server capacity because SL is only going to get more crowded.

On Tuesday, Tamara and I hit the Don Tapscott talk at Better World Island. Fortunately I happened to bump into my new friend, fellow Fashion Plate Patrice Primeau, in the holding area, and she got us past the velvet rope into the talk. Thanks Patrice!

Patrice also was very helpful and patient while I bumped around like a drunken moron trying to remember how to sit. I had to laugh out loud at myself at one point when I tried to stop flying and land gracefully next to Patrice... and ended up falling 50 feet onto my face. Sometimes I am the dorkiest dork who ever dorked.

Anyway the talk was ok, most of it sounded a lot like Don's notes for the next updated edition of Wikinomics, and he did kind of brush off some of the more challenging and pointed questions in the Q&A section... I wish he would've referenced Reggio Emilia or the Waldorf methods when asked about how collaborative models could work in education, rather than referring back to how important collaboration is for the next generation, which was so not the point, but whatever -- I was just there to be close to genius. I'm so on board the collaboration train already.

Thursday was the usual Coffee with Crayon, which is getting really popular all of a sudden. I had had the same freezing problems again at Don's Wiki talk so this time I stayed off to the side in case my avatar froze in mid-walk and started bumping into things and people. Always the wallflower, that's me.

I must give props to Cleon for enabling these weekly get-togethers... Much of the chatter goes over my head as I am, after all, The Newbie, and not up on all the latest tech talk, plus I'm not ADD enough to follow the fast flow of conversation -- but I do enjoy eavesdropping to find out what the geeks are hot on this week.

No events scheduled this week but I may pop in and out of SL just to check out a few locations I've heard about. If you have any tips on where I should go, let me know!

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Michael Seaton said...

Hey Jenny,
Great to see you jumped into the blogosphere. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your thoughts and comments.

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