Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breaks and Blogs

Confession time: my "annual unplugging" lasted only 10 days, but my break from blogging has been, well, significantly longer than that. Yes, it's true: I've been back in the land of the Internet-capable for 2 full weeks now, yet haven't blogged. I could say that I was busy getting caught up on work and social duties, but that would be a half-truth. The fact is, I was enjoying my blogging break.

Last night I attended the Geek Dinner organized by the supremely awesome Mr. Mitch Joel and was somewhat surprised to learn how many other dedicated bloggers felt the same way. Both Michael Seaton of The Client Side and Kathryn of That Kathryn Girl copped to also extending their vacays when it came to blogging.

And I say: good on them! Not just because knowing they felt the same way eased my own guilt, but because I think it's too easy to fall into the trap of "blog obligation", which can sap your creativity. If you need to take a break from blogging, so be it. Maybe you'll rediscover your love for the medium; maybe you'll find you don't miss it. Or maybe you'll discover, as one of my formerly-favorite bloggers posted for the final time: "I discovered I hate blogging."