Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Become a Second Life expert in just one year!

About a year ago I attended PodCamp Toronto. I was just getting started on the web 2.0 path and wanted to learn as much as I could about all things new and digital. I was a blank slate, ignorant but keen to meet folks who knew more than I did and absorb information.

Trust me, I am not overstating things when I say that my attendance at that first PodCamp Toronto would turn out to be a pivotal event in my life.

At that PodCamp I attended a session led by Jay Moonah on Second Life. I'd read about Second Life in various old-school print media, and I was curious. Jay's informal talk made Second Life sound so fun, so cool, and most of all, so easy, that I immediately signed up.

And the rest, as they say, is history. I've been in Second Life almost every week since then and I still find it a fascinating social and promotional tool. I came to work on the Monday after PodCamp yammering on and on about Second Life, to the point where my boss gave me the budget to hold some author events in Second Life in 07 and 08, possibly just to keep me quiet.

And now things have come full circle: I'm co-presenting a session on Second Life at this year's PodCamp Toronto! Amazing, from ignorant know-nothing to PodCamp presenter in just a year. Hopefully I can inspire one or two people to try out SL, just as I was inspired a year ago.

But that's not the only profound change in my life thanks to PodCamp -- in fact it's not even the most significant. At that SL session in 07, I introduced myself to the woman sitting next to me (as I am inclined to do at conferences; it's a bit out of character for an introvert like me but it's the best way to meet new people). We chatted a bit, and I learned that she was the brilliant Kathryn Lagden, then of AIMS Canada. I managed to sufficiently disguise my starstruckness so that through her I later had the privilege of meeting the awesome Kate Trgovac, and the equally awesome Eden Spodek -- who by the way will be my co-presenter this year! -- and I'm happy and proud to say that I now call all three of these wonderful, brilliant ladies my friends.

So... yay for PodCamp!!


Kathryn said...

you crack me up girl! starstruck - ha! I am very glad you introduced yourself that day as I've enjoyed hanging out with you in RL and SL. I'm in awe and think it's amazing how you've seized the idea of virtual worlds and applied them to author events. What you've accomplished in a year is tremendous. Unfortunately I won't be at podcamp this year but I know you'll rock that event and lead a great session!

Jenny Bullough said...

Thanks Kathryn! Sorry I won't see you at podcamp but I know our paths will cross in RL or SL soon enough. :)

Bargainista said...

Jenny, I'm so glad you decided to come out of your shell and talk to Kathryn otherwise who knows where we'd all be now.:)

I echo Kathryn's comments about your awesome author events in SL and I can't wait to learn more during our presentation. I hope I have enough to contribute.;)

Who do you want to sit beside at PodCamp this year? You never know where things may lead.

Kyra said...

Jenny, I had no idea you were a newbie. It was great to see you at Podcamp - I wish I had sat up front for your presentation, though - it was hard to hear at the back. Hopefully see you at the next GGD.