Sunday, March 16, 2008

Newbie becomes Twitter convert!

After much encouragement from such cool chicks as Eden, Connie, and Kate during a raucous and rowdy geeky girls get-together last week (martinis may have been involved), I decided to give Twitter one more shot.

And I am SO glad I did! Wow, I HAVE been missing out! Thanks to a few tips from my new Twitter friends on how to use it I totally get it now. Count me in among the throngs in the pro-Twitter camp.

I still don't kid myself that it's mainstream -- or even close to approaching the usability that made facebook and myspace household names -- but it definitely has that potential. And I'm excited to be watching its development from the user perspective!


Connie said...

Glad to help in the conversion. Heh. One thing I love is seeing the lightbulb go on when someone "gets" a new tool. You've helped to do that for me with Second Life.


Anonymous said...
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Jenny Bullough said...

Thanks Connie! Good to know that we can guide each other through the uncharted waters of social media. That's what online community is all about!