Friday, May 11, 2007

Second Life Shopping Addiction

My name is Chloe -- sorry, no, Jen -- and I'm a Second Life shopaholic.

My first few times in Second Life I played it cool, stuck to the freebies and dollarbies and demos that are abundantly available.

Then my friend Katicus took me to a shoe store. The Shiny Things Boutique. It was amazing... feats of impossible engineering, shoes of magnitude and variety all but impossible in the real world, all for the low low price of a few hundred Lindens... I couldn't help myself -- I bought three pairs of gorgeous shoes, and I figured that was it.

But no, then I had to have outfits to go with the shoes...

First it was the search for the perfect black dress to go with my black stilettos:

Then I snatched up a cute schoolgirl outfit to go with my sapphire retro wedges:

Now I can't stop!! More clothes, more more more!!

Tonight is another After A Fashion shopping trip. This time the whole focus is on shoes!! Which no doubt will lead to the purchase of MORE outfits... OMG, I can't wait!!


Kate said...

Mission accomplished. Another SL Fashion addict. Wait til we tell you about the clothing swap we're planning :)

Bargainista said...

What a power-shopper you are! I couldn't believe how fast you were running around each store. I loved your groovy cheerleader outfit with the matching shoes, hair and even eyes. Next time, take me with you!