Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Second Life Shopping -- Again, and again, and...

I have been so busy with this and that -- working, dipping in and out of various social media platforms, enjoying the fine weather now that summer is finally showing its warm face -- that I have had no time to post in my blog.

I have, however, found time to shop in Second Life.

I have no rational explanation for this.

Smashing dress, though, eh? ;)

Backdrop and pose are courtesy of Katicus Sparrow!


Kate said...

Chloe! LOVE the dress! WHERE did you get it? I promise I won't buy one exactly like it.

Oh you can actually hide the posing stand so that you can get cool poses without the stand showing. When you're on the stand, in the chat bar, type "/5 hide" (at least I think its /5) without the ""'s. To get it back, type /5 show. It might be /6 - or that controls the whole background. Can't remember. Experiment. And don't worry, you can't delete it!!

Bargainista said...

Chloe, you look fabulous. There is a perfectly rational and logical explanation for your behaviour: retail therapy works wonders. ; )

Jenny Bullough said...

Re: the dress -- I bought it at a dress shop in Elysian Fields -- I can gladly take you there sometime! Just let me know when you're free for some SL shopping. :)