Monday, June 4, 2007

Dragging publishing into the 21st Century

Just got back from Book Expo America in NYC. Ever the newbie, this was my first BEA (though not my first time in New York). I was hoping to come back inspired, filled with startling, fresh insights into how publishing can integrate Web 2.0 into the marketing and promotion of authors... But instead I learned that no-one really has any greater insights or ideas than anyone else. Either that, or those that have figured out Web 2.0 are closely guarding this info and won't share with others in the book industry. Shame.

On the plus side, there is a LOT of interest in digital media -- every session on this topic was jam-packed, and many of the meeting rooms reserved for these previously unpopular topics were beyond standing-room-only, with folks crowding the doorways trying to hear the speakers. So, people are starting to "get" the fact that Web 2.0 offers unprecedented marketing and promotion opportunities -- it's just that no-one has figured out how to really take advantage of that fact.

If you want to hear more about Book Expo, they offer a podcast, and many of the presentations and panels are recorded for this purpose. Just imagine yourself in a hot, stuffy, overcrowded room, press play, and it'll be almost like being there.

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